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6 Hikes To Create Everlasting Memories

Lava Flow Trail

Lava Flow, a 2.5-mile return trail, is one of the most interesting hikes in the St. George area. The trail begins across a lava field left from an ancient eruption that occurred to the north of here. The crumbling black carpet of sharp rock is lightly covered with grasses and other small vegetation. Gaping holes in the ground are the mouths of lava tubes, some of which you can walk down into for deeper exploration.

About halfway through the hike, a short spur leads to the Lava Flow Overlook. This is a quick hike up a rock mound, offering incredible views over the lava field behind you and the canyon stretching out in front. Don’t miss this overlook. Beyond here, you can continue on to where the trail dead ends at the West Canyon Road, and then return on the same route.

Angels Landing

Before you reach Scout’s Lookout, there is a set of 21 steep zig-zags that you’ll climb known as Walter’s Wiggles. Scout’s Lookout offers beautiful vistas from above the canyon. If you do decide to go all the way up Angel’s Landing, you will be rewarded with magnificent views in every direction you look.

Plenty of chains, guard-rails, and carved steps are provided to help ease your mind of all the drop-offs on both sides of the canyon. The last 0.7 miles of the trail is roughly only about 4 ½ to 5 feet wide

Yellow Knolls Trail

As the name suggests, the main attractions of this hike are the rolling yellow rock hills, but the entire hike is pleasant. Located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve just north of St. George, this is a 3.8-mile out-and-back hike.

From the parking area, the trail heads out across a field that is covered with wildflowers in spring, towards a red rock mountain. Just a hint of yellow can be seen in behind.

The trail descends into a valley and curves around this first mountain, taking you out onto the yellow stone, where you can explore the open rock landscape. This is the highlight of the hike, but the trail continues on, ascending to a high point for a view over the surrounding hills and rock formations.

The Narrows

The trail you start on is called Riverside Walk. It is paved, beautiful and very scenic. After that trail, you’ll enter the water and begin to hike The Narrows.
Make sure to keep a look out for Mystery Falls on the left side of the canyon as you hike up. This will be less than half a mile from the end of Riverside Walk. It is a beautiful spot where water rolls down the sandstone walls from the canyon above.
Words cannot describe the beauty this trail has to offer. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to take in the large canyon walls that surround you, the narrow pathway through the river and the majestic scenery along the way.

Cove Wash Trails

The Cove Wash Trails at the Santa Clara River Reserve are multi-purpose trails and a favorite with trail runners, mountain bikers, and local hikers. At the parking area, which is off a dirt road, a map shows the interconnecting paths.

Trails are rated in terms of difficulty for mountain bikers but this also serves as a good indicator for hikers.

As you approach the drive to the Cove Wash Trailhead, you may be thinking that this doesn’t look like much of an area for hiking, but continue on and you won’t be disappointed. The views out the back side of the parking area reveal a beautiful mix of rolling hills and mountains.

Jenny’s Canyon

Jenny’s Canyon is a short out-and-back hike to a narrow slot canyon and a nearby overlook. The hike takes only about 20 minutes, but if you’ve never seen a slot canyon, this is the perfect opportunity.

The trailhead is located at the south end of the park, not far from the entrance. It begins by heading out over a flat area and quickly approaches a rock wall. To the left, you can see the narrow opening to the slot canyon, and if you walk in a short distance, you’ll find a plaque.

The canyon continues on a short distance and then comes to an abrupt end, at which point you turn around and exit by the same route you entered. To the right of the slot canyon, a short trail climbs up over rock stairs and a quick switchback to a lookout. From here, you can see the sand dunes on the opposite side of the road and views to the east.